Chester's Kitchen British Pies Den Haag

The Best of
British Baking

It all began as a child in Britain and that unforgettable taste of real British pies; classic fillings, homemade from traditional recipes using the finest ingredients, tucked into delicious, light, golden, crisp pie pastry. A love of good quality, home produced fare was instilled through my mother’s apron strings and a lifelong passion was kindled, for which Chester’s Kitchen prides itself today.


Fresh, quality
and responsibly sourced

Our British pies and pasties are made by hand. We combine the freshest produce, responsibly sourced meats, spices and homegrown herbs, without the addition of any artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives whatsoever.

From Classic
British Favourites
to Our Specialties

Our products are lovingly crafted and we offer a variety of authentic British recipes from the classics, to seasonal variations and featured specialties.

  • Pasties
  • Beef Pies
  • Chicken Pies
  • Vegetarian Pies
  • Potato Based Pies
  • Pork Pies

Our move
to the sun

After 16 years of refining recipes and production techniques in The Netherlands, we have now moved our kitchen to Gran Canaria. For the time being, operating as a "cottage industry", we continue to hand craft high quality products for our valued customers ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

Quality Assured
Pies, Service & Delivery

Chester’s Kitchen bakes daily, but to ensure the highest quality and to preserve the delicious flavours of our pies and pasties, our products are frozen immediately after baking. (Fresh pies are available on request.)
Our pies and pasties, in which we take such great pride, will arrive at your door with the excellent care and the conditions in which they were baked. Please see our web shop for delivery options and details.


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